A dream

Last week -- I have forgotten which day -- I had this dream. On a misty cool day, on a road on a hill, I was sitting on a stone parapet lining the outer edge of a turn. A lot of people came to speak to me. I cannot remember any single one now. They were my relatives and friends, which I can be sure. My girlfriend might be with me, but again I cannot be sure.

These people came to speak to me about my forthcoming wedding. I suavely asked them to attend my party and they suavely agreed to come and heartily congratulated me but I might be less than hearty in thanking them, this may be what I felt in my dream or what I picture now. For one moment I shook hands with a dear friend and I urged him must be present at my wedding party next month. I felt sentimental then, but under such circumstances I could not allow myself burst out. Not even in a dream.

Between the warm and smiling faces I beheld a strange being walking towards me. It was a woman wearing a one-piece black knee-length dress, exactly the one that that person wore during our three-day trip to a neighbouring city in the spring three years ago. This person in my dream had the same legs, same waist line and same arms as that person. She also wore sandals and without socks.

But this person in my dream was wearing a big, round, yellow, cotton, cartoon cat head -- the type worn by entertainers in Disneyland or shopping arcades handing out candies or balloons to kids. The cat head is wider than the woman's shoulders, almost as tall as one third of her height.

In the two seconds she approached me I urged myself to pretend I didn't know this woman and to summon up courage to tell her 'excuse me, I don't think I know you.' The listless cat head came close. She might have a letter in her hand. She might have uttered, 'Congratulations,' or 'I miss you.' I am sure I was absolutely silent and petrified, no matter how much I wished to pretend I didn't understand or deny her. Silently she left.

Last week I had another two strange dreams, in both of which my present girlfriend was present. I have told her about the other two but not this one.

Sam Mok