Small pleasures

Watching sunset and a forlorn tree sipping cheapest beer purchased from a supermarket in a park just a stone's throw from my home.

Holding the door for a half-elegant woman, hearing her whisper 'thank you', holding down sight and not responding, pretending cannot care less.

Getting on a train where the annoying public announcement is at acceptable volume.

Eating a burger in the notorious junk food chain and realising the stuff in brown colour has some resemblence to meat, the lettuce overflowing and the onion shreds spicy.

Recognising a tune humming in ears and being able to recall its title, artist and whether it is in collection at home.

Scoffing inwardly at unmannered demeanour of elaborately well-dressed snooty women.

Finishing a social dinner party feeling quite sure that had not committed any faux pas nor offended any persons.

By chance hitting on a bar that serves absinth.

Meeting some lunatics and self-assuring not there yet.

Still able to swim 90 minutes after a couple of months intermission.

Screwing up the defendants' case and the judge passing sentences no worse than if the case were conducted prudently.

Sliding through the 10th anniversary without noticing until weeks afterwards.

The forlorn tree referred to above has been amputated down to a stump for safety reason. Of its beauty only a digital image remains.

(It has taken me four or five months to compile this piece.)